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Wakefield Darts and Dominoes League


Welcome to the official site for the Wakefield Darts and Dominoes Monday Night League

Here you will find all the information regarding the League from pictures, fixtures, results and a whole lot more


You can also find us on Facebook just click the facebook logo below

 Below you will find all the latest announcements concerning the League

Annual General Meeting
will be held on Wednesday 30th July 2014 at Outwood Wmc
all teams that are interested in joining the League for the 2014/15 season must attend and pay there £40 registration fee
if there are any person's wanting to bring up changes to the league the AGM is your chance to have your voice heard, all suggested changes will be voted on by persons attending this meeting
any new teams that are wanting to join the league are welcome to attend the AGM and pay the £40 registration fee and talk to Steve Roberts the League Secretary.

Myself and Steve Roberts have worked very hard this season to gain a good relationship with Mark Berry the Wakefield Express Sports Editor,
so the results will get published weekly in the paper, but we can not send all the results in to the paper if the Home Captain's of the team's don't work with us by sending us there results in ASAP the deadline for results to be emailed/Text'd/phoned in is
12pm the following Wednesday
to ensure that we can email Mark Berry in time to have them published, if there is missing results by this time, then those results will not be publish in the Fridays edition of the Wakefield Express
So Please work with us so we can keep our good relationship with Mark Berry and have the results published, its not hard to send a text with the result to Steve Roberts
Dominic Busby

Changes brought forward and passed/not passed at the AGM which was held on 24th July 2013
Teams that do not attend a League meeting will be deducted 2 point from Darts League and 2 points from Dominoes League plus fined - Passed
Darts Pairs Semi Finals and Final to be best of 3 legs - Passed
Division 1 should play best of 3 legs of 501 - Not Passed
Individual Trophies for each League for lowest set/darts and highest checkout - Passed
Darts and Dominoes players must of played 50% of there league games to be able to enter singles and pairs tournaments - Passed
Teams who do not donate a raffle prize for the presentation night will have to pay a £10 extra fee on top of there £40 registration fee at the start of the season - Passed
John Hayward should be allowed to play and register for a team - Passed
Fixtures may only be cancelled for severe weather conditions or a bereavement to a team member only - Passed

Next League Meeting AGM will be held at
Outwood Wmc at 8pm
on Wednesday 30th July 2014
£40 Team Registration Required

Click the image above to go to our Facebook page where you can see pictures of the work I have undertaken