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Wakefield Darts and Dominoes League


Welcome to the official site for the Wakefield Darts and Dominoes Monday Night League

Here you will find all the information regarding the League from pictures, fixtures, results and a whole lot more


You can also find us on Facebook just click the facebook logo below


Please text your results to Steve Woodhouse on 07976 564630 . You can also send via Facebook Messenger or Whats App. 

I would also like to clarify the position surrounding Dominic Busby as there appears to be differing stories circulating as to what happened. I was under the impression that Dominic's role as results secretary was a role that he offered to the league a few years back in order to help Steve Roberts who at the time was unable to commit the time to the league that he felt it needed. Having previously ran this league for approximately 15 years I did not feel that it warranted a League Secretary and a Results Secretary. It was as simple as that and certainly nothing personal. I would like to thank Dominic for the help he has offered to the league in the past and for organising all this seasons fixtures. 
Steve Woodhouse

After 4 1/2 years service to the league I (Dominic Busby) have to inform you that my services as Results Secretary as of today are no longer required, can all results and achievements from Monday 19th September be sent to Steve Woodhouse, who will be taking control of the Results and Website, I would like to thank the teams for welcoming me to the League and making my role an easy one, I would also like to wish Steve Woodhouse good luck not like he needs it in his new role as League Secretary and I would also like to Thank Steve Roberts and Steve Timlin for bringing me onboard 4 1/2 years ago and allowing me to be involved in the running of the league. 
Thanks Dominic
As those at last nights the AGM will be aware myself (Steve Roberts) and Steve Timlin have resigned as Secretary and Treasurer but are happy to oversee the handing over to the next people so the league can continue to run as normal. 22 teams entered the league last night and the league is still set to start the new season on September 12th. Jordan Phillips who currently plays for the White Rose put his name forward for Secretary and was unopposed at the AGM by the league delegates and is happy to take the league forward, however a treasurer would still be required anybody wishing to take this role please contact myself or Steve Timlin and we can start to make arrangements for things to be transferred.

Changes brought forward and passed at the AGM which was held in August 2016
1. Dominoes venues for Doms pairs to be reduced to 4 venues rather than eight.
2. When called to play a match and both players present at the board only 4 throws to the board in practice(12 darts) from eac
h player to avoid players practicing for ages.
3. One venue for darts singles competition and the draw to be made on the night. Pairs to stay as it is.
4. £200 club prizes to be altered to 3 prizes of £50
5. League finances were produced at the meeting and bank statements brought in.

Next League Meeting will be held at

Goose & Cowslip, 8:00pm 5th October 2016

£15, 200 Club Due